Caribbean Research: Online Databases


A bibliographic database on adolescence health in Latin America and the Caribbean.

BBC Caribbean Archives [Free]

Audio archive of the BBC Caribbean programmes for the period 1988-2011.


A virtual health library that provides access to a number of bibliographic databases and scientific magazines of health information sources in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Caribbean Digital Library [Free]

The resource managed by UNECLAC provides full text publications on or about the Caribbean.

Caribbean Women Writers [Free]

A bibliographic database of short stories written by women in the Caribbean, whether French, Spanish or English.


Database of Caribbean labour legislation.

CERIS [Free]

Caribbean Education research Information Service provides access to fulltext and bibliographic descriptions on Education in the Caribbean.


A database of the Disaster Documentation Center Collection.

Digital Library of Trinidad and Tobago [Free]

A fulltext database of images, articles, and special collections held at the National Library and Information System of Trinidad and Tobago.

Directory of Agricultural Libraries [Free]

Directory of Agricultural libraries in the Caribbean

DLOC [Free]

Digital Library of the Caribbean provides access to full text documents including several Caribbean newspapers.


Database on the history of public health in the Latin America and the Caribbean


A bibliographic database on Health Legislation.


A bibliographic database on Latin American and Caribbean Health Sciences.


A bibliographic database on Caribbean Health Sciences literature.

MORD [Free]

Mona Research Database: A database which highlights the research output of the Mona Campus.

Special Collections Finding Aids [Free]

Guides and inventories for the special collections and manuscript materials held at the St. Augustine Campus.

Trinidad and Tobago Gazette [Free]

Online yearly publication put out by the the Trinidad & Tobago Government Information Service Limited (GISL) since 2000.

UWISPace [Free]

The Digital Library of the Campuses of the University of the West Indies.

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